Captain Mama Virtual Author Visits

for Schools & Educators

Hear from other educators’ experiences!

“Our students asked great questions, and we learned that an all-school ‘assembly’ over Zoom can be really effective for connecting! Graciela connects so well with students, relating her service in the Air Force to math skills, curiosity, courage, and perseverance. She’s a terrific role model as a female Latina veteran who has forged a new career as author and public speaker as well!”

Principal Jenny Moore, Silver Strand Elementary School, Coronado Island, CA

“In honor of Women’s History Month, Scott Elementary School hosted an #authortalk with Graciela for our first-grade classes. Graciela provided a fantastic presentation and gave over 120 students a neat description of her activities with the KC-135 as an aviator in the #UnitedStatesAirForce. To say the students were excited is an understatement. Using a model of the KC-135, Graciela’s talk opened the student’s eyes to the world of #CaptainMama the aviator and author. If you ever want to take your students on a virtual field trip through the experiences of Captain Mama, this is the way to go! Not only will the students learn about Graciela’s Air Force service, thrust, drag, lift, and gravity but they will also be wildly entertained!”

Esmeralda Aharon, Scott Elementary School, Illinois

“Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is an intensely dynamic, motivating speaker. Our middle school students not only identified with her personal story of being a young Latina who succeeded in a predominately white, male world, but also with her advice to take the pressure off and explore personal desires in their lives, to go after what they most want to do now and let change come over time. We no longer live in a world where you grow up to have only one career in a lifetime. Ms. Tiscareño-Sato’s advice is truly know oneself is a powerful precept.”

Wendy Niccoli, Gifted and Talented Specialist, Range View Elementary Severance, CO

We offer two author visit models for educators, librarians, and parents.

Option One

Introducing Prerecorded, Virtual Author Visit Packages in English & in Spanish

Teachers: want to bring the author into your classroom virtually, but without logistical and scheduling hassles?

You can now download the Captain Mama multimedia presentation and treat your students to a uniquely inspirational and educational experience ANYTIME, in English and in Spanish.

Your students will hear a woman veteran’s unusual military aviation service story. Born the oldest daughter of traditionally-minded immigrants from Mexico, HOW she secured her ticket (and Air Force ROTC scholarship) to college, and stories from flight training and almost a decade of global adventures.

This classroom content is an inspirational lesson any day. It’s also a wonderful fit for after-school programs, Women’s History Month (March), Mother’s Day (May), Memorial Day (May due to the books’ dedications), Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept/Oct), Veterans Day (November), Holiday Gifts for Winter Break, and Summer Reading programs.

Option Two

Live, In-Person or Virtual Author Visits to Classrooms for School Assemblies & Classrooms, in Spanish & English

Surprise children with books and patches at school assemblies, classroom visits, and school community events celebrating family literacy. A great fit for ALL elementary schools; especially inspirational for schools serving military-connected children, English language learners, and at Title 1 sites.

After enjoying the prerecorded content and books, you may wish to schedule a LIVE, virtual author talk for Q & A time so your students can ask questions of the author as part of your ELA curriculum standards.

We love bringing FUN programs, model airplanes, flights suits, to introduce aviation concepts that tie into science, math, and writing standards.

We’re happy to collaborate with teachers in advance to best serve your students.

Call (510) 542-9449 to inquire about virtual and in-person experiences with bulk book sales.