1st Bilingual (Spanish/ English) Children's Military Book About Why Mommies and Women Serve in Uniform

The night before Veterans Day in 2009, my three year-old son and I had a bedtime conversation that my husband recorded because it was the first time our little man was seeing me in uniform. I was preparing to visit his preschool the following morning. Immediately after our conversation, I wrote the first draft of what has become the first book in a bilingual, aviation travel adventure series, Good Night Captain Mama/ Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá.

"This gentle book reminds us that women served and will continue to serve their nation in military uniform.  The Captain Mama story provides a wonderful role model for both little boys and girls.  It’s a great read for families who manage the delicate stability of work and home."

Kimberly Olson, Colonel, (retired), US Air Force, Author of Iraq and Back: Inside the War to Win the Peace


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Published by Gracefully Global Group LLC