Invite woman military veteran, STEM consultant and entrepreneur as motivational speaker


“My wife and I really enjoyed your presentation last night at the Experimental Aircraft Association dinner. I had a chance to talk to the members last night as we were cleaning up; they all said they really enjoyed your talk. My favorite part? It was the combination of your story of your Air Force ROTC aviation experiences at Cal, your family being there at your Commissioning and being so proud of you, that the Air Force at that time couldn’t put you in a combat role upon graduation from flight training…Maybe most of all, I enjoyed the amazing story about your daughter. I find that part very inspirational, that she is doing so well and is proficient in Braille.  My wife knows the superintendent of the school district here and is planning on contacting her to tell her about your involvement with education. Thank you.” Mark Palajac, Treasurer, Experimental Aircraft Association 663, Livermore, CA


Graciela is a sought-after speaker who informs and inspires a wide variety of audiences ranging from elementary school to business school and beyond, in English and in Spanish.  Students of all ages, employee resource groups, educational conference attendees, parents all learn from Graciela's diverse professional experiences and military adventures. You can see clips of her speaking and hear audience testimonials here.

Below are the titles and detailed speaker sheets for popular topics related to her latest book. Invite her to speak by inquiring at (510) 542-9449. 



7 Military Leadership Lessons Professional Women Can Use Daily --Nuggets of wisdom from Graciela's active duty service, for use in professional settings, entrepreneurial ventures and motherhood. Speaker sheet is here.

Navigating the Journey from Cockpit to Entrepreneurship - Google Hangout hosted by VetNet, part of Syracuse University's Institute for Military Veterans and Families. 45 minute that describe my post-military career track through various corporate roles and ultimately to establishing my multicultural publishing and marketing firm. See the event here. Can of course be presented in interactive format to live audiences.
Modern Military Women: History in the Making - Today's military women are achieving tremendous heights. Women now wear the ranks of two, three and four-star generals in the Air Force, Army and Marines. Audiences will be treated to images and video of modern military women flying combat jets, refueling tankers and the first Thunderbird pilot who was born a woman, and so much more. This presentation is a tribute to the heights women are achieving now that combat exclusion has finally been officially lifted and women are serving everywhere.
Personal Branding for Military Veterans - workshop titled, "You, the Brand" - for active duty members in transition, veterans seeking job opportunities, veterans at universities, in corporate settings -learn to draw from your service experiences to communicate in a memorable and differentiated way to influence your intended audience. You will craft written words to put into action immediately to convey your best,most valuable skills to the people you wish to persuade.  Attendees will consult 1-to-1 with Graciela to further refine their compelling, authentic story to motivate the intended audience (hiring manager, college admissions officer, OCS reviewer, etc.) Having now prepared the veteran to speak succinctly and eloquently about his/her unique value to an organization, Graciela then opens up her professional network with each veteran to connect each person to a contact to arrange an informational interview. Please see detailed speaker sheet here.
The Unlikely Military Aviator --Presentation for adults and students alike features Graciela's personal journal from oldest daughter of Mexican immigrants to scholarship AFROTC cadet at the #1 public university in America to military officer and aviator. Speaker sheet is here.

Captain Mama with middle school students

The STEM of Aviation - designed for middle and high school students, this talk encourages young people to pursue STEM careers while sharing highlights from Graciela's military career as an Air Force officer, aviator, instructor navigator and leader in multicultural settings. Speaker sheet is here.