Invite woman military veteran, STEM consultant and entrepreneur as motivational speaker

Linda Lens first found her passion for art as a small child with her grandmother, Donna. She made art her passion since her first thunderstorm. Finding her talent, she has never stopped drawing. From crayons to oil paint, Linda has played with it all.

The daughter of Air Force veteran Alberto Lens, Linda and her sister enjoyed visiting the library with their mother to check out too many children's books. The beautiful illustrations and colors always fascinated Linda. From early on, one of her dreams was to become a children's book illustrator. Her love for capturing human expression followed her throughout college. She earned a degree in Studio Art, specializing in portraiture, from California State University in Hayward.

One of Linda's favorite quotes is from the author Tom Robbins, who says “The purpose of art is to provide what life does not.”

She lives with her son Johnny and daughter Saila, along with Cleo the black cat and two dogs, Shadow and Merlyn, somewhere near the ocean. Contact Linda through the Contact Us tab on the left.