SWAG-A-PALOOZA PROMOTION for 2020 ALA Virtual Community

Here's a collection of photos intended for download for stories featuring Captain Mama books and the author. Mouse over photos for informational captions. A wide variety of settings and content are here (on the wing and in the flight deck, Graciela in uniform, Graciela as author, etc) resolutions are provided for use on web and in print media formats.
If you don't see exactly what you're looking for to include in your story or wish for higher resolution than what's here, please call (510) 542-9449 and ask! Thanks for spreading the word about this unique literature and Graciela's mission to inspire children, parents and educators in two languages!
























Now-husband Genro Sato pins my navigator wings to my uniform on UNT graduation day

Graciela at KC-135R navigator station; photo by Jon Pece

Graciela as 1Lt at KC-135R navigator station; photo credit Jonathan Pece

Aerial Refueling of stealth fighter F-117Graduation from Undergraduate Navigator Training Graciela deployed with 93rd ARS to Crete, Greece